Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our A-Mazing Small Group

This past Tuesday, we had our final small group gathering. I had no idea when we joined this group last September that these people would not only become great friends, but would also be the support and encouragement that would get us through this past year. With 2 other pilot couples in the group, it was so awesome to have other people around us who totally understood all of the issues that pilot couples face. John and I both feel like we have known these couples forever and are really going to miss each of them.

This is Monee and Dru. Monee has had all kinds of health problems and many of them reared their ugly heads this year. She is the most giving person I have ever met in my life! She is so much fun to be around and I am going to miss eating giant bags of peanut M & M's with her! Dru is expecting her 3rd child and is the textbook definition of the perfect mom. She is incredibly hilarious and has an amazing story of how God transformed her life. She works with the Middle School girls at Southside and does a fantastic job.

This is Daniel and Monee. They are both pilots and John and I bonded with them at the very beginning of our group. Daniel works for the FAA and thanks God every day for his job. Because of his job, Monee can no longer pursue aviation as a career, so she is back in school to get her MBA. You have never met anyone with as much ambition as this girl! Daniel also volunteers at the Peachtree City Fire Department and has really been a huge encouragement to John.

This is Jenn and Dan - our leaders. Jenn just took her test to become a Pilates instructor and is very passionate about health and fitness. She is also a great mom to their one-year-old, Karina. Dan works for GA Pacific and has had a very successful year. They have also faced some family health issues this year that have not been easy. John and I have had the privilege of apprenticing under Dan and Jenn and are really going to miss them.

This is Dru and Travis. Travis was a pilot for Turner (yes, as in Ted) and recently left there to work at Flight Safety. Their 2 kids - Caitlin and Logan - are the most adorable kids on the planet! Although these guys are much younger than us, we have learned so much from them.

Although it is hard to leave our families up here, it is equally hard to leave these friends who have become our extended family. We are completely convinced that life was intended to be lived out in community and we are so incredibly thankful for this community we found at Southside.

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