Thursday, January 31, 2008

My New Favorite Bean

I have recently discovered that my new favorite bean is the lima bean. Mix 'em with some jasmine rice and Smart Balance and you've got yourself quite a tasty little lunch full of fiber and beany goodness :)
(Can you tell that my high fiber diet is getting a little bit boring??)

Monday, January 28, 2008

I Sang With Andy Stanley Last Night

Last night, we had a special service at our church for the giving campaign we are starting and Andy Stanley came to speak live. We hear him every week, but he's on video, so we were all really excited to finally "meet" him.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. My hope was that he would be really accessible and personal and want to talk to every person in the room, but reality told me that he would probably be surrounded by security guards and bodyguards and that he would be locked up backstage in some swanky green room filled with Evian water, Starbucks coffee, green M & M's, and fancy pastries. He would come out, recite his "go get 'em" speech, and be whisked away to his getaway car before anyone could get a good look at him.

John got there early to save seats for our small group. Never one to be subtle, he saved us seats on the second row! I got there about 15 minutes before the service started and took my seat on the end of the aisle closest to the middle section. After catching up with my small group and talking with John about my day, I looked across the aisle to find a very tall, thin, casually dressed Andy Stanley standing right next to me. Now, I know he is just a man and God doesn't look at him any differently than he looks at me, but this is a guy whose books I have read, whose teachings have inspired change in my life, and whose philosophy on church has shaped much of my belief system about how a church should function. Let's just say that I was a little excited to see him standing there.

I was absolutely amazed by his lack of pretense and his abundance of humility and "normal-ness." There weren't any security guards, bodyguards, butt kissers, or groupies hanging around. He didn't even have a bottle of water with him, much less the coffee and banquet that I had expected. He was talking with the people sitting behind him and even got up to walk into the Foyer to see who all was hanging out there. The more amazing thing was that no one was really freaking out over him. I think everyone there had the same feeling I did - he's a great teacher, a godly man, an incredible visionary--but he's just a guy and if he doesn't feel the need to put himself up on a pedestal, then neither do we.

When the service started, I realized that the only thing separating my seat from his seat was about 18 inches of aisle. When the music started, I closed my eyes and sang my little heart out, so grateful to God to be in a healthy church and to have the privilege to hear this amazing teacher every week. I soon forgot that Andy Stanley was just a few inches away and started focusing on the fact that God knows my weaknesses, knows my needs, and knows exactly what I need and loves to give it all to me.

So, in a way, you could say that I sang with Andy Stanley last night - I mean, we were right next to each other singing the same songs :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Real Snow - not that 1/2 inch nonsense

Today we are having another snowfall in Atlanta. This one is a little different from the one we had on Wednesday...

As you know, Wednesday's snow was a media frenzy! Last night, the news called for snow downtown and north of Atlanta, but they really didn't say too much about those of us south of
Atlanta. The Weather Channel was kind enough to let us know that we may see some substantial amounts of snow, but the local news had no information for Fayette County.

I was in my usual Saturday morning routine - getting ready to go to work, watching the news, making my lunch - and the news still had nothing of interest to say about poor little Fayette
County. I put on every scarf, coat, hat, and pair of gloves I could find and headed out the door. As I was locking up, my cell phone rang - my boss was calling, making sure that I was not going to work today. Literally 5 minutes later, it started snowing and hasn't stopped since. They are calling for a big FREEZE this afternoon and everything will be shut down tonight and tomorrow due the fact that the roads will be ice skating rinks! (FYI - My sweet husband is supposed to be flying home from Dallas today - let's pray that he stays safe wherever they end up sending him!)

So from now on, I will be taking my weather advice from The Weather Channel and NOT Flip Spiceland!!

Here are some pictures of our gorgeous snow day...

My poor CRV!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Heather's Weather (ha-ha)

In South Florida, the news stations go insane over one weather event...HURRICANES!

In North Georgia, the news stations apparently go insane over another type of weather event...SLEET AND SNOW!

This afternoon, it started sleeting, which quickly turned to snow. It was really cool to look out the window and watch the snow falling gently to the ground. It was also really cool to drive home and feel like Middle School boys were throwing ice from Tijuana Flats at my car (to me, that is what it is like to drive in sleet and snow!).

While John and I were preparing dinner, we were listening to the evening news. 2 police officers were shot today and their killer is still on the loose. Such a tragic story only made the news for 3 minutes. The rest of the newscast was entirely devoted to SLEET AND SNOW.

It went something like this...

I'm Flip Spiceland (seriously, that is his real name - I am not making this up) here in Cobb County where there is about one-quarter inch of snow on the ground...blah, blah, blah snow...
...blah, blah, blah let's go to Art Vandelay in DeKalb County...I'm Art Vandelay here in DeKalb County where there is about one-eighth of an inch of snow on the ground and people are freaking out...blah, blah, blah snow......blah, blah, blah let's go to Oliver Clothesoff (ha-ha) in Fulton County... I'm Oliver Clothesoff here in Fulton County where evening classes have been canceled for all high schools and colleges (seriously! And there is talk of closing schools tomorrow!)

This went on for the remaining 27 minutes of the news - it was like the South Florida Hurricane coverage that starts when the storm is just off the coast of Africa.

It is cool that it is snowing and we were big nerds who took pictures of the snow, but I still think that 2 police officers sacrificing their lives deserves a little more recognition than frozen water.

And luckily, John and I are both off tomorrow and will not have to venture out into the frozen tundra!