Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

As part of the book, The Love Dare, I wrote down a list of 30 reasons why I love my hubby. Why this may seem like a very newlywed thing to do, I'd encourage everyone - even those who have been married forever - to try it! To make it even better, I posted one reason every day in September on my Facebook for John's 30th birthday :) Of course, my math skills are pathetic, so I actually had 31 reasons on Facebook! Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. He is one hard-working man!
  2. He takes GREAT care of me.
  3. He loves our families.
  4. He strives to be a godly man.
  5. He makes me want to be a better me and brings out the best in me. He has a lot more confidence in me than I do!
  6. He provides for all my needs and protects me.
  7. He makes me laugh and laughs with me - and never makes me feel stupid for finding humor in even the simplest thing.
  8. He is a great singer and loves music almost as much as I do.
  9. He always asks for help when he needs it.
  10. He usually has a good reason for everything he does.
  11. He is the most honest person I know and walks with integrity.
  12. He wants to make me happy (and does!)
  13. He still makes my heart melt.
  14. He LOVES to serve.
  15. He is my best friend.
  16. He's always willing to do anything I ask - like drying dishes or grilling steaks when it is 90+ degrees outside.
  17. He is my favorite person to be with anywhere!!
  18. He'll eat anything I make.
  19. He is usually open to doing anything I want to do - trying a new restaurant, going shopping, even going to Sephora!
  20. Everyone who knows him - or even meets him for the first time - loves him!
  21. He is a social butterfly.
  22. He is VERY generous!
  23. He is one handsome man!
  24. He is going to be a fantastic Daddy!
  25. He isn't afraid to try anything: flying, fire fighting, hunting, FFDO program, gardening, etc.
  26. He always remembers to use the spray after using our shared bathroom :)
  27. He doesn't care if the house, car, bedroom, etc. is messy, but he knows I do, so he tries to keep things tidy :)
  28. He values our time together.
  29. He serves me in BIG and small ways.
  30. No one else "gets" me like he does and no one else forgives me as quickly as he does.
  31. He loves me for me - in spite of popular opinion when we met, he loved me for me right from the start and helped me to see myself the way he sees me.
John is hands-down the best gift God has ever given to me - besides the gift of salvation, of course!!! I love you, sweetheart!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Outdoor World and Me

About 2 weeks ago, John and I made a trip to Outdoor World so that he could look at rifles. For those of you that know me well, you already know that: 1) I hate guns, and 2) I am not a frequent shopper at Outdoor World. Within 5 minutes of standing at the gun counter with John, he knew that I would not be an asset to his purchase, so he suggested that I walk around the store while he looked at guns. I gladly left the gun counter and proceeded to entertain myself by taking the following photos of items I will never purchase at Outdoor World as well as items that prove why I am not a fan of Outdoor World, camping, hunting, or roughing it :) I hope you enjoy the following photos as much as I enjoyed taking them :)

P.S. - I heart my iPhone :) (which I am sure is proof that I am not cut out for Outdoor World!)

Okay, at first glance I thought, "Cool - I have a Crock Pot, too!" But upon closer inspection, I realized that this is a camouflaged print Crock Pot - something I hope I never have!!!

If I am ever forced to be outside when the weather is below 50 degrees, I pray that no one throws this plastic tarp at me and tries to call it a blanket. Look how miserable the guy is!! He doesn't look happy at all!!! But he does kinda looks like Joel McHale, which makes me laugh :)

As an owner of 3 chickens, I can totally believe that turkeys would be fooled by fake birds, but the thing that cracks me up about these decoys is their name....The Love Triangle!! Or as they say in France, Triangle D'amour!

Does this really require an explanation? Again, one more reason I will never go hunting!

I pray that no one ever buys this toy for my kids - I guess I should also pray that they never ask me to buy this for them! And yes, there was a Hunter Ann - and they come with carcasses!

This is a DVD series that they sell at Outdoor World - please note the title of this particular episode...Buckmen 13: Fear the Beard!!

Never, ever, ever, ever!!!

If I have to bring my own hot shower, then count me out!! Besides, it looks like you just have to shower out in front of God and Mother Nature and any other tree hugging hippie that happens to be wandering around the woods - and I am positive that there is not enough hot water in this little box for a decent hot shower!

This is the #1 reason I don't belong in Outdoor World...can you imagine walking into my house and seeing this furniture???

John eventually caught up with me after all the fun I had, but I think he had a lot more fun than I did - he is now the proud owner of a new Marlin rifle :) And no, I won't be learning how to shoot it or learning how to prepare wild boar!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Swirls Inside My Brain Today

Today is Day 4 of John's 4-day trip, and by Day 4, I start talking to myself, the chickens, the news anchors on Fox News, the vacuum cleaner - anyone who will listen - because the thoughts swirling in my head for the previous 3 days are ripe and ready to come out to anyone who will listen - even a chicken!! Thankfully, I have this little blog on which to dump out the contents of my brain and see if I am still making sense after 3 days with little to no human contact :)

John's birthday was yesterday (September 7th) and in honor of his 30th birthday, I have written a list of 30 random reasons why I love him and am posting one reason each day on Facebook for the whole month of September (and it just so happens that there are 30 days in September, so bonus!). I had written a list of 20 a while back as part of the journey of reading The Love Dare, so adding 10 more reasons was not so difficult :) I was looking over the list on Saturday to choose which reason I would post for that day when I came across this reason: "he loves me for me." My mind instantly re-wound back to a day when I was working in a church office and was called in to review a letter to the staff that was to be sent out the following day. I began to check the letter for grammatical and spelling errors and was surprised to find that my name was in the letter. As I read on, I realized that my name was classified among a list of "miracles" that God had performed that year in our church...the miracle related to me being that someone actually wanted to marry me. I laughed it off and acted like it didn't bother me, but inside I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach.

Now I will be the very first to admit that it was a miracle that John wanted to marry me - at that time, especially!! I was ultra-high-strung and ultra-rigid in my work, and was super-protective of my stuff and my "territory." John somehow broke through my intense work persona to find the real me hidden underneath all of that defensive exterior. It absolutely crushed me to realize that while he loved me for me, there weren't that many other people in my world that did - and that simple letter delivered that reality to my door!

Since that time, God has used so many circumstances and people and has broken through my defenses and turned my heart into clay and molded it to be a lot more flexible (Praise God!) and a lot less protective and threatened. I don't worry so much anymore about what people think of me or what they think I am worth, but I am definitely a lot more concerned that people see God in me - not me trying to be like God, but actually seeing God's transforming power in me! God has used so many people (John, primarily) to gently show me what I am worth and where my worth comes from - and it's not from a job title or how many pats on the back I get or even the size or brand of my jeans.

So thankful, Father, for Your love, protection, and power in my life!

Friday, September 4, 2009

What's In Your Garden???

While I was working inside this afternoon, the front door flew open and my sweet hubby came running in, jumping all around and making gross faces. "Did you walk through a spider web while you were working in the garden?" I asked. "Nope," he replied, "Snake in the bushes." Alas, the gross thing is no longer with us...definitely NOT a garden snake!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crossway Church!!!!

Here is a link to the bio The Church Planting Network posted on their website about Jon and Melissa and Crossway Church! Check it out!!!!