Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

As part of the book, The Love Dare, I wrote down a list of 30 reasons why I love my hubby. Why this may seem like a very newlywed thing to do, I'd encourage everyone - even those who have been married forever - to try it! To make it even better, I posted one reason every day in September on my Facebook for John's 30th birthday :) Of course, my math skills are pathetic, so I actually had 31 reasons on Facebook! Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. He is one hard-working man!
  2. He takes GREAT care of me.
  3. He loves our families.
  4. He strives to be a godly man.
  5. He makes me want to be a better me and brings out the best in me. He has a lot more confidence in me than I do!
  6. He provides for all my needs and protects me.
  7. He makes me laugh and laughs with me - and never makes me feel stupid for finding humor in even the simplest thing.
  8. He is a great singer and loves music almost as much as I do.
  9. He always asks for help when he needs it.
  10. He usually has a good reason for everything he does.
  11. He is the most honest person I know and walks with integrity.
  12. He wants to make me happy (and does!)
  13. He still makes my heart melt.
  14. He LOVES to serve.
  15. He is my best friend.
  16. He's always willing to do anything I ask - like drying dishes or grilling steaks when it is 90+ degrees outside.
  17. He is my favorite person to be with anywhere!!
  18. He'll eat anything I make.
  19. He is usually open to doing anything I want to do - trying a new restaurant, going shopping, even going to Sephora!
  20. Everyone who knows him - or even meets him for the first time - loves him!
  21. He is a social butterfly.
  22. He is VERY generous!
  23. He is one handsome man!
  24. He is going to be a fantastic Daddy!
  25. He isn't afraid to try anything: flying, fire fighting, hunting, FFDO program, gardening, etc.
  26. He always remembers to use the spray after using our shared bathroom :)
  27. He doesn't care if the house, car, bedroom, etc. is messy, but he knows I do, so he tries to keep things tidy :)
  28. He values our time together.
  29. He serves me in BIG and small ways.
  30. No one else "gets" me like he does and no one else forgives me as quickly as he does.
  31. He loves me for me - in spite of popular opinion when we met, he loved me for me right from the start and helped me to see myself the way he sees me.
John is hands-down the best gift God has ever given to me - besides the gift of salvation, of course!!! I love you, sweetheart!!

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