Sunday, August 3, 2008

New House Pictures

Even though we still don't know if we are moving into "our" house or not, the house has actually been an ironic distraction from the waiting game. Watching each piece come together has been so exciting, especially since we chose all of the pieces! There's always the fear that what you picked is going to be hideous, but so far we have been amazed at how well it all is coming together. If we never get to live in it, we have still have had so much fun watching the whole process from start to (almost) finish.

Here are the most recent pictures of the house:

Painting the outside

The kitchen!

The stairs with the foyer in the background

The master bathroom

The master bedroom

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us! We should know this week what is happening at AirTran. Either way, we are ready for whatever God has planned!!


Smilingsal said...

Oh, I do hope that you get to live in this beautiful home you've built!

Carson Day said...

It is so pretty! What a dream house! I am so happy for you guys, no matter where God brings you. Love you lots!