Thursday, August 7, 2008


John just called me from the airport to let me know that he is being furloughed from AirTran. This means that he is being laid off, but can be called back to work if and when they decide to hire more pilots. We have decided that John is going to go back to work for Florida West (the company he used to fly for in Miami) and we are moving back to South Florida in the next 3 to 4 weeks. He has to sign a 2 year contract with Florida West, so if he is called back to AirTran during the next 2 years, he will not be able to take his position back at AirTran. This was not an easy decision, but we feel that this is the best decision for our family at this time.

As you can imagine, we have a lot to do in the next few weeks! We need to get packed up, finish up our jobs here, find a place to live in FL, I need to find a job, and we need to make the very dreaded drive back to FL. We are CONFIDENT that God has great things in store for us in spite of the mixed emotions we are experiencing. We are so sad to leave our friends, family, church, and the place we have come to call home, but we are so thankful that John has the opportunity to go back to a great job. The timing could not be more perfect and we are positive that God is in control.

Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers - he is pretty discouraged and upset, but is very thankful that unlike some of the pilots losing their jobs, he has another flying job waiting for him. Please keep us both in your thoughts and prayers as we once again make a big move. There is a bright side to all of this news - we will get to keep our flying benefits as long as he is furloughed, so we will be coming back to Atlanta to visit as often as we can!!

Thanks for all of your prayers, phone calls, get togethers, and emails over the past few weeks - we love all of you very much!!!!


Smilingsal said...

This is sweet/sour news, but South Florida says, "Hooray!"

Christy Music said...

I'm sorry to hear about all this, but I'm sure God has great things in store for ya'll! God wouldn't dish out more than you could handle. I live by that line lately! Best of luck with the move and I'll be keeping you in my prayers!