Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday John and I went to see The Dark Knight. It was VERY intense, VERY dark, and VERY good. At one point, John and I thought the movie was over, and then it practically started all over again! I had to cover my eyes a bunch (I am such a sissy!) but I really did enjoy it.

It was so sad to watch Heath Ledger - I'm not sure that anyone else could have played that role as well as he did and I don't think that all of the hype about his performance is at all related to his death. It was incredible.

On a lighter note, was anyone else completely ANNOYED by the Batman voice?? Does he smoke 10 packs of cigarettes when he puts on that costume or is the mask supposed to be like a Darth Vader thing???

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S.A. said...

I noticed that too. I just figured that the costume was putting pressure on his sternum and not allowing him to take deep breaths, but the cigerettes is a good theory too.