Monday, July 21, 2008

Time To Make the Donuts

To celebrate not having any cavities last week and to take John's mind off of AirTran, we decided to make donuts last night. John is a self-proclaimed donut King and would seriously love to open a donut shop one day.

Here is what John's set up looked like...

And here are some of our creations - Chocolate and Peanut Butter (John's favorite combo) and Chocolate with Toasted Almonds (my personal favorite).

We also made one jelly-filled donut and topped it with peanut butter. Here is a picture of John enjoying his creation.

It turned out to be a lot of fun and John actually laughed and smiled for the hour it took us to make the donuts. Besides the fact that our apartment now smells like the Youth Fair, it was totally worth it!!

Anybody know what to do with the old donut oil???


Christy Music said...

Certainly looks like fun over there. Does that thing make funnel cakes too??:)

Wasn't AirTran supposed to have made all their decisions by now?

Heather Orr said...

Ha-ha - no funnel cakes :)

Yeah - that's what we thought, too! It all comes down to this...the union and the company have been in contract negotiations for quite some time now, and since the company now has this furlough card to play, they are using it to their advantage. The union really only cares about getting a good contract and the company only cares about managing their money, so they are both using the pilots to get what they want. Now they are talking about FIRING all of the probationary pilots (yes, this includes John) so we have no idea what is gonna happen! Just keep praying, please :)

Harrison said...

that looks freakin delicious.

Heather Orr said...

They were!!!