Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Big Redneck Wedding

While flipping through the channels this week, John stopped on CMT to watch My Big Redneck Wedding. If you haven't seen this show, you need to carve out 30 minutes in your week to watch it. At first, I thought that the people on the show were going all out in their redneck-ness for the television show, but I quickly discovered that there are actually people in this country (and in my state) who are really, really, really serious about being a redneck.

The episode we watched featured Amber and John (shown above) and yes, they intentionally decorated the local community center to look like Outdoor World. For their reception, they went mud-bogging and had a greased pig catching contest - and yes, there was a prize - the winner received $10.

Check out this new show and let me know what you think!


mom said...

I saw this episode and I have to say that the camo bridal veil was my favorite!

Heather Orr said...

I know!!!! I just kept telling John, "There is no way this is for real!" And her bachelorette party was skeet shooting and pushing a truck in the mud - woo-hoo!!

Mel's World said...

HA!!! I will have to tell MATT...I am sure that he will get a kick out of it. And oh yeah, it's a REDNECK thing (and we can relate...Me = KY, He = AL)...what can we say?!?!