Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My 33rd Birthday

Yes, it is hard to believe, but I am now 33 years old! I had a great birthday - and like every year, it is going to be a week long celebration!!!

It started on Sunday when we went to get our Christmas Tree. I know that most people don't think of a Christmas Tree when they think of their birthday, but I haven't ever celebrated mine without one!

After moving the furniture around and dragging the tree into every corner of our living room, we found the perfect spot (it was actually the very first place we tried!). I love to come home and turn on some Christmas music, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and look at the tree. It is the greenest and thickest tree I have ever had - it could be due to the fact that it didn't take an 800 mile truck ride to get to my house :)

Monday night, John took me out for a romantic dinner and gave me the best present ever - La Mer!!!! I know, I am a spoiled wife, but he will be thankful he spent that money when I am 75 and still have skin as smooth as a baby's...well, you know :)

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I was showered with phone calls and emails all day long. Our Aunt Pam took me to a wonderful lunch and gave me MORE La Mer - I just love her! She is like a best friend/mom/sister all wrapped up in one amazing person. John's grandparents and their friends, Bill and Jeanette, took me to a delicious dinner at Longhorn and gave me even more presents!! After dinner, I went to Small Group and had the most amazing ice cream cake ever - mint chocolate chip - I felt like Meredith on The Office!

Today I am working and going to the doctor (no real birthday celebrations planned for today) but...TOMORROW, WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! We are meeting my family on Friday and going to the Very Merry Christmas Party. Saturday we will be park-hopping and Sunday, John is going home, but I am staying to hang out with my niece, Jordan, for one extra day. I am SO excited and SO grateful that God worked it out so that we could go!

It was a great birthday and I am so thankful for all of the people who made it so special. What's your favorite birthday memory? I'd love to hear it!!

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