Thursday, December 20, 2007


I finally had my visit with the GI yesterday which resulted in an endoscopy today (nothing like getting it over with quickly - I love how God answered this prayer!) I really wasn't nervous - everyone I know who has had one has told me that you just go to sleep and then wake up and it is over - no pain, no memory!! John went with me and when they called my name, I marched in there like I was about to get a pedicure - no stress, no worries!!

That all went out the window when they tried to put in my IV. Usually, getting an IV hurts, but then it is over and done with pretty quickly. Well, since I couldn't eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight last night until they did the procedure, I was dehydrated and my veins were not cooperating. The nurse stuck me in the arm and I saw stars - I screamed and started crying - it hurt so badly!!! THEN, she told me that it wasn't working, so she pulled it out and went to work poking me with the world's biggest needle IN THE TOP OF MY RIGHT HAND!!!! I started bawling and then started to think...if getting an IV is usually not a big deal and this is killing me, what is this "no big deal" endoscopy going to be like????? She finally finished, saw that I was still crying and asked, "Do you want me to move it?" Ha! No way, lady!! I was not about to do that again!!

They wheeled me into recovery where I was supposed to wait for my turn. I saw some guy come out of his endoscopy - he was completely knocked out, laying on his side, and his mouth was wide open - drool and everything. I thought, oh great, THAT is what I'm gonna look like??? How is this not a big deal???

About 10 minutes later, another nurse came and wheeled me into the room where they would be performing the procedure. I saw all kinds of tubes and utensils, which made me decide to keep my eyes closed until the doctor came in to see me. The doctor came in, assured me that it really wasn't a big deal, and started to put on his coat. The nurse put this big old round, plastic device in my mouth to keep my mouth open for the procedure. The anesthesiologist came in, told me that he was going to give me something to make me sleep and I should start to feel it in about 20...and that's the last thing I remember.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up back in recovery and John was sitting with me. The doctor came in and showed us some pictures of my insides...and then I don't remember anything until the nurse showed up to tell me I was going home. John said that I just kept telling everyone, "That was AWE---SOME!!!" kinda like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. He laughed at me all the way home - he also said that he was glad that I don't drink :)

I feel pretty good. I ate a chicken wrap when we got home and am hungry again, and being hungry is a BIG deal - I haven't been hungry in a LONG time!! They took a few biopsies and we should have the results in about 10 days. The doctor thinks it is either allergies or IBS - both of which are 100% recognizable and treatable. We have been praying for that kind of result, so we are really anxious to hear what the tests will show so that I can get back to being healthy.

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!! I really appreciate it!!!

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mom said...

I am just sitting here laughing and laughing. that was hilarious! Not the part about the IV - that kind of sucked, but the recovery part was great! I am glad you are feeling better. I hope that they can fix you soon! Love ya!