Friday, February 27, 2009

What's Happening in Our Neck of the Woods

Life at the Orr house has been a little nuts lately - let me try to take you through what the past 2 weeks have been like for John and me...

2 weeks ago, my little girl Prissy laid her first egg. As crazy as this may sound and for those of you who know me well, it DOES sound a little crazy, but I was SO excited!! This was the primary selling point for us getting these 3 little pooping machines, and to finally have eggs is a really big deal at our house. These girls have done more than provide us with endless entertainment and fresh eggs everyday - as weird as it may sound, it's given John and I another common interest to talk about and enjoy. We love going outside and hanging out with the girls and I love giving John the daily update of what they've gotten into when he calls from his trips. I never thought that I'd be devoting this much time or energy to talking about chickens, but I guess anything is possible :)

On a side note, John's girl Georgia has also started laying - she had a nest hidden in our banana trees, and when John found it, there were over a dozen eggs stockpiled back there!! Of course, they were put in the trash - I'm not eating eggs that have been sitting outside for over a week!

For Valentine's Day, John and I were both in Atlanta and had a lovely dinner the night before at our favorite restaurant in Peachtree City, Georgia Shrimp Company. On the 14th, I was trying to fly home to Fort Lauderdale, but all of the flights were booked. Luckily, John was leaving that night on a 3-day trip that took him to Chicago, Orlando, Indianapolis, and had an overnight stop on Sunday night in FORT LAUDERDALE! All of his flights were open, so after a little shmoozing with the gate agent, I was booked on his flights for Saturday and Sunday and had the opportunity to watch him work. It was the first time I had been on a plane that he was flying - and it was so cool!!! I had to try really hard not to get cocky, (you all know what happened last time), but sitting in first class and "casually" mentioning to everyone around me that my husband was flying the plane was hard to resist!!

3 days after getting to fly around with John, I met him and his aunt's family at Disney for 3 days. The weather was perfect, the company was also perfect, and it was great to get some down time with my hubby. I came down with a killer cold the day before I left for DIsney, but it didn't stop me from having a great time!

Here's John with our super-cool Auntie Pam and cousin, Nat. We had such an amazing time - I can't wait to do it again!!!

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Lisa said...

I still thinks it's funny that you have pet chickens...glad they are bringing you so much entertainment and eggs!