Wednesday, June 4, 2008


There are so many things that I am waiting for in this season of my life...

  • My older sister just found out that she is pregnant again!! I was so excited that I got to be there when she found out!! Unfortunately, this time I won't be able to watch her progress over the next 9 months, so I will be waiting for opportunities to go to Fort Lauderdale and visit her.
  • I have a full-time job, but just found out that the boss and the office manager did not get the memo, so now I am waiting for my paycheck to be fixed and waiting to find out exactly what my new pay will be. I was told that it would be more, but I was also told that I am now full-time, so I don't believe anything they say anymore.
  • We signed the contract on our house on May 1st and were told that they would break ground in 8 to 10 is June 4th and still nothing. Talk about waiting!!!!
  • I desperately want to be involved in full-time ministry again, but so far there have not been any oppportunities available. I am waiting for God to open the doors, but it is hard to not get discouraged.

We have decided to wait to start our family, we are waiting to see when we can go to Fort Lauderdale for some vacation time, we are waiting to see what is going to happen to AirTran due to the rising fuel prices and the unstable econmy, and we are waiting on a few answers to prayer. Yes, we have complete trust in God and in His timing, and yes, after all of the waiting we have done, you'd think that we would be really good at this waiting thing, but unfortunately, we aren't (well, at least I am not).

In the meantime, I will do what I know is right, keep my focus on God and His promises, and continue to wait on Him.


Christy Music said...

As the infamous line says "Good things come to those who wait".:) You are going to have good things coming to you. Congrats to your sis:) Lots of people having babies right now!

Heather Orr said...
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S.A. said...

I don't have any great words of wisdom for the waiting, but I need your dad's email. I have a guitar question. Do you have my Liberty email address?

Heather Orr said...

Christy - I know - I was just having a moment - things got better as soon as I hit "publish" - honest!! I'll pass your congrats on to Michele - she will be happy to hear from you :)

Charlton - I think I have your email...I'll try to send you one and see if you get it!

Alisha said...


We know all about the WAITING and in GOD's TIME... We still have NOT sold our house in Florida and wonder every month how we will pay two mortgages but GOD comes through every month and I know he will bring a buyer soon!!
School is out, lets get together!!

Love ya

Mel's World said...

WAITING STINKS!!! I don't like it one single solitary bit, BUT...there are so many things that we are called to do that I may not necessarily like to do, so I try to find every verse possible on WAITING and pray over them.

Tell Michelle CONGRATS!!!

Melissa Mashburn