Monday, February 4, 2008

Going Home

John and I are going home tonight for a total of 22 hours - just enough time to see our families and get 2 much needed haircuts! It may seem silly to travel 800 miles for a haircut, but it is a great excuse to go home.

The best trips home are the ones that give me time to spend with everyone that I miss. Unfortunately, this will not be one of those trips. I am hoping to get to see my dad for longer than the drive back to the airport!

As much as I look forward to the visit, it is always weird to go back. In some ways it is like we never left and in others, it seems like we have been gone for a lifetime. I sometimes feel like every trace of my existence has been erased from South Florida and the people that I love that are still there. I know that it isn't true, but keeping in touch with everyone is a lot harder than I expected.

Speaking of keeping in touch, who have you been meaning to call or email? Well what are you waiting for??? I'm gonna go call a FL friend right now!


THE Christy Music :) said...

Have fun at home! My dad will be heading this way for the weekend, driving in Friday night and leaving Sunday am, only after me saying that I wouldn't let him leave Sat night! Crazy man! He's delivering Grandma Hornsby's old dining room table that's been in storage for 4 years now! Can't wait to see him though! Enjoy the 22 hours:)

Heather Orr said...

Driving is CRAZY!!!! If we couldn't fly for free, I don't think I would ever go home - the drive here just about did me in!!!

Mel's World said...

Um, should I be a little bummed that you didn't call? HA! Just kidding! I fly out on Wednesday and then back Thursday afternoon to go to KY to visit my family, so I know.....(there's just not enough hours in the day!)


Heather Orr said...

I know!!!! I am a bad friend :( The next time I am there longer than 22 hours, we DEFINITELY need to get together :)